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My real name is Andrew Berry. I like to draw and play video games. I would love to animate a Flash movie and make a comic someday. I'm not really that social, but I am what I am. And of course, I'm a nice person too.

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My life continues.

Posted by PsychoZoid - July 7th, 2014

Yesterday, I took the chance to ride my bicycle all the way out to Park Place. Pass Park Place I founded a park called Liberty Park II apparently. I tried cycling pass the park but I didn't really know where I was. A lot of suburban neighborhoods though. The day before that I went on the playground and swung on the swing. I haven't done that in awhile. I always went on some sort of bridge house where apparently that have a Rotary Club there. I don't really know. On that bridge house, I saw a couple of beetles mating on a plant. It was something I haven't seen before and I was definitely weird. As I was going to back I saw a kid ride pass me on a small motorbike that I thought was cool. I didn't talk to him though.

Later yesterday, I got a fit when my sister Autumn went to the bathroom at around 7:30 PM. I needed to go in right away so I wouldn't miss a new episode of Big Brother. The longer she was in there the more I got angry thinking that I wouldn't have time left to shower which meant that I had to wait after Big Brother and I didn't want to shower at 9:00. Once she got out I ran to the bathroom and made even bigger fit. I noticed she took a crap in there I smelled it immediately. I hate how she doesn't flush after she uses the bathroom because I don't want to do it for her. It made more angrier that I yelled "FLUSH NEXT TIME BITCH!" but I don't think she heard because she went to the other bathroom at my parents' bedroom. The only reason why I had tantrum because I'm autistic so it's hard to simply just knock on the door and tell Autumn I need to use the bathroom to take a shower. I wish I was able to socialize with Autumn again though...

I'm not sure whether to go to my apartment community's pool or not. I have not used it since about 2011. I think I'm hesitating to go because I get nervous when I'm around other people and the pool is loaded with people. I think I might go tomorrow morning but who knows if I will change my mind again.

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face your fears with a different perspective and confidence to overcome them

Thanks for the advice, bud.