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My real name is Andrew Berry. I like to draw and play video games. I would love to animate a Flash movie and make a comic someday. I'm not really that social, but I am what I am. And of course, I'm a nice person too.

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My Life 1

Posted by PsychoZoid - January 7th, 2014

Today was freezing. It was about 6 degrees outside. I had to wait outside the bus stop for the voactional bus to come. my hand felt like they were burning by ice. Finally the bus came and I was warm.

In commercial art vocational I did a new project. Invloving putting stuff together in a collage and copying it. I did a collage of Pokemon HeartGold and Silver. There was no Science class though. I still need to finish my type potrait of Stevie Wonder and the CD cover. During the time printing the Pokemon pictures on the computer I went on Yahoo and the Saturday Night Live message boards.

Got back to school. Lunch was some chicken taco. They finally had applesauce, I love applesauce.

History class I watched a YouTube about a video blogger explaining the Great Depression. Then I watched a History Video on the Dust Bowl. I wasn't sure whether to take notes or not, but I didn't anyway.

In Geometry class, I learned about midsegments and bisectors. Got some homework for my younger sister. She got into a fight with someone she thinks is a bitch yesterday.

In English class, I learned about irony and satire. I listened to a song on YouTube called "Ironic", it was alright. Then I had to guess which two out of four papers were satire. It was easy because the two satire ones came from the same website. My English teacher Ms. MacNeil got her hair done and I thought it looked beautiful.

Then I went back home, did some Geometry home. Watched the new episode of Off The Air about "Robots". Then I watched two episodes of Pokemon on Boomerang channel. Then I went on the computer to deposit my experience points. Then I watch South Park; the episode "Passion of the Jew" which was funny. Then I watched TMZ and Jeopardy. Then I watch Off The Air; Animals. Then I finished my Geometry homework and worked on more of my Stevie Wonder type potrait (It's still not finished) Then I went here to type this news post. I will be watching some Family Guy reruns in a few moments and then I will go to bed and get ready for school tomorrow.

-- Andrew Berry

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how many fedoras do you own

I don't own any fedoras at all.