Happy 17th Birthday to Me!

2013-11-07 15:05:31 by PsychoZoid

Today, November 7, 2013 is my birthday, I turned 17-years-old today. I'm pretty exicited to be another year older, and also the fact it will only one year left until turn 18 and become a legal adult.

I hope to purchase the Pokémon X and Y as my birthday gift, and I hope I will get the game. I love Pokémon.

And if you're wondering what I am doing now, for those who are reading this, I am busy making a new comic series that's entitled "Psych and Friends", I will upload the comics real soon!

In conclusion, I hope I will have a very great birthday today and a great future for me to come! :)

- Andrew Berry (PsychoZoid)

Happy 17th Birthday to Me!


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2013-11-07 15:56:48

Get laid, its an awesome birthday present.

PsychoZoid responds:

Nah, I think I will wait a little longer for getting laid.

Thanks, though.


2013-11-07 15:59:09


PsychoZoid responds:

Thanks, man!


2013-11-07 16:03:36

Happy Birthday to you! :)

PsychoZoid responds:

Thank you very much, sir! :)


2013-11-07 16:21:37

I hate birthdays.

PsychoZoid responds:

Well, I like birthdays a lot. But hey, everyone is different...


2013-11-07 17:01:05

Happy Birthday mr 17 man...guy...

PsychoZoid responds:

Thank you so much, Mr. bro...dude... :P


2013-11-16 09:32:03

Happy Birthday!

PsychoZoid responds:

Thank you very much, Cyberdevil! :D