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My real name is Andrew Berry. I like to draw and play video games. I would love to animate a Flash movie and make a comic someday. I'm not really that social, but I am what I am. And of course, I'm a nice person too.

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The Never-Ending Jouney 3: Coming Soon...

Posted by PsychoZoid - October 13th, 2013

So, it's been over 4 years since I made the first and second installments of "The Never Ending Journey" on the Art Forum in the BBS.

The first one went pretty well. But then it kind of got out of control with numerous arguments, so I decided to wrap up the story and gave it an ending, and had the thread lock. Then later, I got the urge to make a second so I did, but it eventually ended up like the first one with all the useless arguing, so the thread just slowly died with the story ending with Zoid and his friends being on the moon.

I only made TNEJ 1 and 2 because I got inspired by another thread that existed call "The freakin' huge house adventure", but that got locked because of flame wars. After that and TNEJ, came another called "So there I was..." but that died due to people arguing and people simply just losing of it.

Now that four years had past, those type of threads died for good. And I noticed that the Art Forum evolved as well. It seems that art on gain more quality and it seems that artist with a lot more effort than before now post there.

But after four years, I kind of want to make a third installment of "The Never Ending Journey" and I have some reasons why:
1) I want to revive my reputation on the web. It just seems that TNEJ ended very negatively, and I want TNEJ to be a great adventure with lots of fun, not some spam dump.
2) I haven't use the Zoid character in a while. I want to still use him rather than have him fade away into the darkness. Plus, there's the Wii Fit Trainer character from the new Super Smash Bros. game who looks coincidentally like Zoid, and with her gradually becoming popular on the Web, I really do need to revive Zoid so people will remember or will know who he is, and I hope that no one will think I ripped him off from Wii Fit Trainer because he was created way before Wii Fit Trainer came on SSB4. (Also, I'm planning to add Zoid on to my new story/comic series "Psych & Friends, as the title's character younger brother, so Zoid isn't going to disappear from existence anyway.)
3) I want to revive the art adventure thread genre back on the Art Forum! I rather not have it die forever. If I make TNEJ3 that means people will make their own, and the art adventure thread genre will be popular once again!!

So what I do is I will possibly planning to create the Never Ending Journey thread during the summer of 2014, because I'm busy with high school so I don't really have time to draw stuff. So Art Forum people, expect to see Zoid once again in four years and hope you can create a new and fun adventure for him! :D

That's all,
Andrew Berry (PsychoZoid.)