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My real name is Andrew Berry. I like to draw and play video games. I would love to animate a Flash movie and make a comic someday. I'm not really that social, but I am what I am. And of course, I'm a nice person too.

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PsychoZoid's News

Posted by PsychoZoid - December 15th, 2015

...something BIG will drop in the Art Forum...


Edit 4/1/2016: I lied. Nothing happened. April fools lol.

Posted by PsychoZoid - November 7th, 2014

Today I turn 18. Yippee! That means I get to vote on Election Day and I can now watch porn legally. The times sure go fast don't they?

For my birthday cake I had strawberry cheesecake and neopoliton ice cream and boy it was delicious! The only gifts I got were birthday cards and some money including a gift card from my relatives.

But all in all, it does feel great to be one year older!



Posted by PsychoZoid - July 7th, 2014

Yesterday, I took the chance to ride my bicycle all the way out to Park Place. Pass Park Place I founded a park called Liberty Park II apparently. I tried cycling pass the park but I didn't really know where I was. A lot of suburban neighborhoods though. The day before that I went on the playground and swung on the swing. I haven't done that in awhile. I always went on some sort of bridge house where apparently that have a Rotary Club there. I don't really know. On that bridge house, I saw a couple of beetles mating on a plant. It was something I haven't seen before and I was definitely weird. As I was going to back I saw a kid ride pass me on a small motorbike that I thought was cool. I didn't talk to him though.

Later yesterday, I got a fit when my sister Autumn went to the bathroom at around 7:30 PM. I needed to go in right away so I wouldn't miss a new episode of Big Brother. The longer she was in there the more I got angry thinking that I wouldn't have time left to shower which meant that I had to wait after Big Brother and I didn't want to shower at 9:00. Once she got out I ran to the bathroom and made even bigger fit. I noticed she took a crap in there I smelled it immediately. I hate how she doesn't flush after she uses the bathroom because I don't want to do it for her. It made more angrier that I yelled "FLUSH NEXT TIME BITCH!" but I don't think she heard because she went to the other bathroom at my parents' bedroom. The only reason why I had tantrum because I'm autistic so it's hard to simply just knock on the door and tell Autumn I need to use the bathroom to take a shower. I wish I was able to socialize with Autumn again though...

I'm not sure whether to go to my apartment community's pool or not. I have not used it since about 2011. I think I'm hesitating to go because I get nervous when I'm around other people and the pool is loaded with people. I think I might go tomorrow morning but who knows if I will change my mind again.

Posted by PsychoZoid - June 27th, 2014

On this day June 27, my account is officially 3 years old. It isn't my first account (I made my first one back in 2008) but I think it is now the first that has the longest activity to.

It isn't really that special though. I just happened to noticed today that its been 3 year since the creation of "PsychoZoid". Time goes by fast.

Posted by PsychoZoid - January 28th, 2014

All my life I've been having difficulting communicating with people in real life, due to an indentation I have on my head since child birth. I always feel depressed about it, but as of now I realized I have to changed now.

For now on, I will stop doing a tic of running back and forth since no normal person even does that. I think if I stop doing that I will at least communicate more.

I will also stop day dreaming and pay more attention in class, and I will stop doodling on my school work. I think these steps will help get some friends. I don't have any friends in real life and it's my dream to get some. All I need to do is talk and socialize like a normal person and I will finaly get more attention from other people.

-Andrew Berry

Posted by PsychoZoid - January 8th, 2014

So, today when I was on the bus going to my vocational school there was a car accident. I don't know how many cars were there in the accident (probably 2) but there were a lot of police cars and fire trucks so I must of been really bad. The bus driver had to take a detour to my commercial art vocational school because the police blocked the road. Me and two other students were very late at my vocational school, we arrived at about 8:10 AM.

That's all.

--Andrew Berry

Posted by PsychoZoid - January 7th, 2014

Today was freezing. It was about 6 degrees outside. I had to wait outside the bus stop for the voactional bus to come. my hand felt like they were burning by ice. Finally the bus came and I was warm.

In commercial art vocational I did a new project. Invloving putting stuff together in a collage and copying it. I did a collage of Pokemon HeartGold and Silver. There was no Science class though. I still need to finish my type potrait of Stevie Wonder and the CD cover. During the time printing the Pokemon pictures on the computer I went on Yahoo and the Saturday Night Live message boards.

Got back to school. Lunch was some chicken taco. They finally had applesauce, I love applesauce.

History class I watched a YouTube about a video blogger explaining the Great Depression. Then I watched a History Video on the Dust Bowl. I wasn't sure whether to take notes or not, but I didn't anyway.

In Geometry class, I learned about midsegments and bisectors. Got some homework for my younger sister. She got into a fight with someone she thinks is a bitch yesterday.

In English class, I learned about irony and satire. I listened to a song on YouTube called "Ironic", it was alright. Then I had to guess which two out of four papers were satire. It was easy because the two satire ones came from the same website. My English teacher Ms. MacNeil got her hair done and I thought it looked beautiful.

Then I went back home, did some Geometry home. Watched the new episode of Off The Air about "Robots". Then I watched two episodes of Pokemon on Boomerang channel. Then I went on the computer to deposit my experience points. Then I watch South Park; the episode "Passion of the Jew" which was funny. Then I watched TMZ and Jeopardy. Then I watch Off The Air; Animals. Then I finished my Geometry homework and worked on more of my Stevie Wonder type potrait (It's still not finished) Then I went here to type this news post. I will be watching some Family Guy reruns in a few moments and then I will go to bed and get ready for school tomorrow.

-- Andrew Berry

Posted by PsychoZoid - November 7th, 2013

Today, November 7, 2013 is my birthday, I turned 17-years-old today. I'm pretty exicited to be another year older, and also the fact it will only one year left until turn 18 and become a legal adult.

I hope to purchase the Pokémon X and Y as my birthday gift, and I hope I will get the game. I love Pokémon.

And if you're wondering what I am doing now, for those who are reading this, I am busy making a new comic series that's entitled "Psych and Friends", I will upload the comics real soon!

In conclusion, I hope I will have a very great birthday today and a great future for me to come! :)

- Andrew Berry (PsychoZoid)

Happy 17th Birthday to Me!

Posted by PsychoZoid - October 13th, 2013

So, it's been over 4 years since I made the first and second installments of "The Never Ending Journey" on the Art Forum in the BBS.

The first one went pretty well. But then it kind of got out of control with numerous arguments, so I decided to wrap up the story and gave it an ending, and had the thread lock. Then later, I got the urge to make a second so I did, but it eventually ended up like the first one with all the useless arguing, so the thread just slowly died with the story ending with Zoid and his friends being on the moon.

I only made TNEJ 1 and 2 because I got inspired by another thread that existed call "The freakin' huge house adventure", but that got locked because of flame wars. After that and TNEJ, came another called "So there I was..." but that died due to people arguing and people simply just losing of it.

Now that four years had past, those type of threads died for good. And I noticed that the Art Forum evolved as well. It seems that art on gain more quality and it seems that artist with a lot more effort than before now post there.

But after four years, I kind of want to make a third installment of "The Never Ending Journey" and I have some reasons why:
1) I want to revive my reputation on the web. It just seems that TNEJ ended very negatively, and I want TNEJ to be a great adventure with lots of fun, not some spam dump.
2) I haven't use the Zoid character in a while. I want to still use him rather than have him fade away into the darkness. Plus, there's the Wii Fit Trainer character from the new Super Smash Bros. game who looks coincidentally like Zoid, and with her gradually becoming popular on the Web, I really do need to revive Zoid so people will remember or will know who he is, and I hope that no one will think I ripped him off from Wii Fit Trainer because he was created way before Wii Fit Trainer came on SSB4. (Also, I'm planning to add Zoid on to my new story/comic series "Psych & Friends, as the title's character younger brother, so Zoid isn't going to disappear from existence anyway.)
3) I want to revive the art adventure thread genre back on the Art Forum! I rather not have it die forever. If I make TNEJ3 that means people will make their own, and the art adventure thread genre will be popular once again!!

So what I do is I will possibly planning to create the Never Ending Journey thread during the summer of 2014, because I'm busy with high school so I don't really have time to draw stuff. So Art Forum people, expect to see Zoid once again in four years and hope you can create a new and fun adventure for him! :D

That's all,
Andrew Berry (PsychoZoid.)

Posted by PsychoZoid - June 27th, 2013

Well, yesterday was my last day of school ending with my US History I final exam. It feels good that's my sophomore year is over and that fact that I'm now on my summer vacation, finally. Being a Junior in Spetember will be excitng (or maybe not...) and I will be going to a commercial art vocational school for half of the school.

I have no plans to do for summer, but hopefully I will do something, I just don't know what.

In other news, as of today PsychoZoid has been on Newgrounds for 2 years. I've been on Newgrounds longer than that, and I have made other accounts before. But I am still active with this account so I am pretty happy that I'm using it for years straight! Hopefully I will be using be PsychoZoid for another year and more!

See you later,
Andrew Berry/PsychoZoid

My Sophomore Year is Finally Over + My 2nd year on Newgrounds